WebStudio - this is a collective of professionals which is capable to create your business to a network of the Internet. If you wish to improve image of your firm, to expand your list of clients, to increase sales, to find new suppliers... we can make all this at the highest level.

Even if you already have a ready site, but you are not absolutely happy with it's view or efficiency, we can help to make redesign of a site, add to it functionality and raise in a Internet network.

The professionalism and experience of staff allow us to implement Internet-projects of any complexity, whether Internet portal or, for example, a corporate informational site.

WebStudio provides a full range of services for creating, hosting, support, promote and optimize web sites. In our service you get everything that you want a modern and professional web-representation:

  • original design and easy navigation;
  • unique system of managing the entire contents of the site;
  • basic web application modules;
  • development company logo;
  • domain registration www.yourname.ee (only for registered firms in Estonia);
  • placement site on the Internet (hosting);
  • site optimization for search engines;
  • Support site for multilanguage;
  • translate the site in English, Estonian, Russian languages;
  • full support of your resource.
We offer our customers get acquainted with the stages of the site:

Development and preparation of technical project on site.
The technical task describes the whole structure of the site and its functionality and features. This step is necessary to assess the project cost and deadline of this site.
Without specification cost of the web site can be described only very approximately.

The task documentation should reflect the following items:

  1. The overall objectives of the site;
  2. Structure of the site;
  3. Detailed description of each page of the site;
  4. For the key pages of print design with arbitrary text instead of filling;
  5. If a database available (DB) - description of its structure and fields;
  6. If the administrative interface - a description of its structure;
  7. Common "time spending" project and its cost;
  8. Technical tasks.

After drafting and negotiating the terms of reference, we proceed to implement it.

We offer you several design options of your site. If you have any comments or suggestions for the design of your site, the design will be remade as many times as necessary to ensure that you receive a quality product.